Rss not updating android

However, another avenue to explore is cron job time out.

In my situation I have a of feeds so it could be taking the job invoked by the cron a long time to update all of them.

rss not updating android-38

I did find RSS feed not updating using feeds module but that question is about the Yup, trying to solve my own question (again): Similar problem here: and the possible solution here: Update The above solution was about a database fix to do with feeds that have more than one category.

Please do not ever run update daemon or any PHP processes as root.

It is recommended, but not required, to run the daemon under your website user id (usually www-data, apache or something like that) to prevent file ownership issues. Use this if you have access to PHP command line interpreter but not allowed (e.g.

I don't know if that's the cause, but I can force it to update by changing one of the Feed settings manually each time.

The feed will only show the items from before then. If I go tweak a feed setting, it then gets flushed and works.

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