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G Faour (also a trustee of the Palestinian Return Centre), Dr. Other annual campaigns include Ramadan and Qurbani appeals.

I only got on it a few days ago and made a minimalist profile. I've never used it to meet local women as I don't care for American women.

Sent messages to girls in my own city, especially ones who listed "romance" or "flirting" in their "looking for" section. If you're interested, I wrote a post on it awhile back. Theo I can't claim to ever have gotten laid from interpals but I've used the site and have a bit of experience with it.

I figure this could lead to a few dates, though creepy foreign guys post on these girls' walls all the time. I am using it mainly to pipeline for an upcoming trip.

Basically whenever I have a free hour here or there, I look up girls in the cities I'm planning to travel to and message a bunch of them using a copy-and-paste generic message like: "Hey X, I'm planning on doing some traveling this X-month and I'm thinking of heading to X-city on my trip.

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