Travelling alone can be intimidating and lonely online dating for 18 year olds

Before I first went traveling in 2006, I had these expectations based on nothing but my imagination and popular culture.

My trip was going to be a nonstop adventure filled with colorful and exciting people.

Conversation is a two-way street, and you haven’t even bothered to stop and look at it, let alone walk down it. Well, people around the world have that same passion. And then you’ll realize there was never a reason to worry in the first place.

It was going to be just like those travel articles I’d read or movies I saw.

I’d be sipping a latte, strike up a conversation with my beautiful waitress, and then the next thing I’d know we’d be at a wine bar, staring into each other’s eyes, while she taught me French. There I was in the hostel, on the road, seeing amazing attractions in historic cities all by myself.

My refrigerator buzzes; the sound of war as it combats the heat while attempting to keep my beer, water and expired milk cold.

The second hand on the clock ticks, ticks, ticks: one minute later and I’m acutely aware of how dangerously quiet my apartment is even though I reside in a city of millions.

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