Tlc dating story

It is a daytime reality show owned by Discovery Communications, Inc. Katie Monson, researcher and booker for Banyan Productions, said Tech is being considered because of certain "hobbies" students at the university partake in."I don't want to reveal too much, so it will be exciting for everyone when it airs, but we chose Tech because the campus has a certain extra-curricular activity," she said.

Down the path to this is that women receive hundreds of messages from people telling us how you are a real.

He credited TLC president Nancy Daniels with understanding the mood of the cabler’s largely female audience and the desire for a respite from the topsy-turvy world of politics and the edgier aspects of pop culture. Other new TLC shows that got plugged at the presentation included docu-series “Hair Goddess,” the story of a Staten Island family that runs a hair extensions “empire”; “See Me, Love Me, Hear Me,” a dating show involving a woman who picks a mate after hearing their voice and seeing through their eyes (via streaming technology) but without seeing the man’s face; and “The Healer,” a docu series on an Australian man who claims to be able to heal through his powers of channeling energy.

TLC is adding its entry to the flood of specials coming in August to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana.

The production team for The Learning Channel's "A Dating Story" is going to travel across the United States and visit five different universities in the next couple months.

They will visit Texas Tech University in September."A Dating Story," features couples set up on a blind date.

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