Nick simmons dating rose

Then broke the news that one of their photographers spotted Amber Rose getting cozy with Nick… Simmons, who is a comic book creator, writer, and the son of KISS rock star Gene Simmons, was spotted at dinner with Amber Rose shortly after she filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa.

There were no overt signs of affection, so initially didn’t report on the dinner.

In the wake of Amber Rose’s divorce from Wiz Khalifa here is a timeline of the starlet’s love life.

Rose came into the spotlight while dating rapper Kanye West back in 2008.

, Khalifa didn’t just cheat on her with one woman, but with twin sisters! Though it was originally reported that Amber Rose caught Wiz Khalifa in a home he was living in separately from her, sources who know the couple now say that the home was owned by Khalifa, but it was a home in which Rose was also living.

In recent weeks, celebrity news websites speculated that Amber Rose and her new manager Nick Cannon were dating.

Rose filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa on September 22.

From the pair's different tastes, social circles, and the fact that we've never seen the two out together prior to October 2014, we were suspicious of this pairing right from the start.

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The 30-year-old model and 25-year-old son of Gene Simmons have been spotted together around Los Angeles, and were filmed getting close on the dance floor at Playhouse nightclub last week. That [dance floor] video was grainy as [expletive]." Rose and Simmons previously addressed their rumored relationship in a series of tweets after the dance floor video was published.

The pair were seen again as they arrived at The Roxy on Saturday, but Simmons told TMZ he and Rose are just friends. "Apparently dancing in a club helping someone to their car = dating," Simmons tweeted Friday.

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